Samuel Reyes

Graphic Designer San Jose, CA

My name is Samuel Reyes, a creative graphic artist living in the South Bay. I've had many jobs throughout my career such as Pre-Press, Screen Printing, Signage Making and much more! All of these things are great to have under my belt but what I really love to do is create brands.

As small business owners, I know the struggle each and everyday to have and expose your brand to your future or current clients. A brand is not a logo or a website, a brand is the promise you keep to your clients. What I can do for your business is create a foundation for your brand to strive and grow in this competitive world.

Have you ever came across a product at the supermarket that does not look appealing or just lacks identification? Well I have, plenty of times and I guess I can say it's a curse and a blessing because now I pay attention to how much value the business is putting into their brand.

With a brand identity you can benefit from:

• Longevity
• Building loyal clients
• Attracting more clients
• Consistency in your marketing
• Value perception of your brand

Let's get started with diagnosing the problems you have and let's prescribe a solution that will work for many years to come.